Nearby Ibarra, in Chachimbiro you have the opportunity to enjoy hot springs and relax. They offer lodging and restaurants. You can find cold and warm swimming pools and, spend time singing or doing some interested activities.



Meso - thermal waters, with average temperatures between 30 and 50 type , its chemical composition and characteristics place it among the best in Ecuador . Chachimbiro water contains high chlorides and sulfides of iron , magnesium, copper , fluorine, chlorine , bromine, iodine , etc. , which act as digestive and purgative , regulator of the cardiovascular system stimulant , a stimulant and diuretic CNS . As well as anti-inflammatory in injuries , neuralgia , arthritis and rheumatism.


Contacts: Phones: (593)06 2648-063 / (593)06 2648-308 / (593)06 2648-435


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