From Quito:

Go to the Carcelén Terminal (Terminal Carcelén) in the north of Quito. Ask in the terminal for a bus that goes to Ibarra. A few of the bus companies that service Ibarra are:  Andina, Aerotaxi, Flota Imbabura, Express Turismo. The ride costs approximately $2.50 and takes 3 hours.

In Quito, go to the address of Asunción 382 and Versalles where you will see the office of TaxiLagos Taxi service. From there you will share a taxi with a few other people (max 5 per cab) and depart for Ibarra (ride takes 3 hours, and costs $10). You can call to make a reservation within Ecuador at 022-565-955.

Take the Panamerican Highway to the north for 115 km until the entrance of Ibarra when the road changes name to “Avenida Mariano Acosta” which is right in the center of Ibarra.

From Otavalo:

Go to the bus terminal in Otavalo, and take one of two bus options (Otavalo or San Pablo bus companies). The cost is $.50 and takes 35 minutes.

Catch a taxi in the street and direct them to Ibarra. The cost is approximately $15. (30 minutes)

Take the Panamerican Highway to the north for 25 km (30 min).

From Tulcan (Colombia Border/Rumichaca):

From the Colombian border take a taxi to the bus terminal in Tulcan. From there, catch a bus headed to Ibarra or Quito (they all pass through Ibarra) in Flota Imbabura or Andina bus companies. From the border to Ibarra takes 3 hours and 30 minutes and costs approximately $4 in total.

Take the Panamerican highway south for 155 km from the border to the entrance of Ibarra (3 hours).

Getting Around

Ibarra is small, great for walking, or you can catch one of the many cabs in the street and go from any point in the town to another for $1.

To go from the town to the Valle del Chota, you have to go the bus terminal and catch a the Valle del Chota bus (costs $.50 and takes 45min).  Or in Taxi, the ride will cost approximately $ 18.

To go to the lake of Yahuarcocha from Ibarra, you can take a bus from the town for $.25 and takes 15 minutes.  Or in taxi, you can go for $3, the ride takes 10-15 minutes.
To go to San Antonio de Ibarra (where many make cared wood handicrafts), you can take a bus from the town in the terminal for $.25 (takes 10 minutes), or in taxi the ride costs $3.

To go to Esperanza or Zuleta (places that are in Imbabura), you have to go to the park “Parque German Grijalva” in Ibarra where you will see the bus station for a bus line called “La Esperanza”.  The ride takes 1 hour and costs $.50.  Or in Taxi, you can arrive in 1 hour for about $5.

Bus Times and Distances

Ibarra-Tulcan  (125km, 3 hrs, $2.50)
Ibarra-Quito  (115km, 3 hrs, $2.50)
Ibarra-Guayaquil  (535km, 10 hrs, $10)
Ibarra-Manta  (505km, 10 hrs, $10)
Ibarra-Cuenca  (445km, 10 hrs, $10)
Ibarra-San Lorenzo (380km, 5 hrs, $5)
Ibarra-Esmeraldas (442km, 6 hrs, $6)
Ibarra-Ambuqui  (43km, 45 min, $.50)
Ibarra-Chota (33km, 45 min, $.50)
Ibarra-La Esperanza  (5km, 30 min, $.50)
Ibarra-San Antonio  (6km, 10 min, $.25)
Ibarra-Lita  (125km, 1 hr 30 min, $2)
Ibarra-Antonio Ante (15km, 25 min, $.30)
Ibarra-Cotacachi  (29km, 40 min, $.50)
Ibarra-Otavalo  (27km, 40 min, $.45)
Ibarra-Pimampiro  (56km, 1 hr, $1)
Ibarra-Urcuqui (20km, 40 min, $.45)



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