What is the weather or climate like in Ibarra?
All year long the weather is mild or temperate (you will be comfortable with long pants, a sweater and no coat).  The temperature varies between 6-18 degrees Celsius.  The rainy season is normally from December to April (but it doesn’t rain every day during this time).  

When is the best time of year to visit?
It doesn’t matter because all year long the climate is mild and comfortable, great for relaxing or doing sports.

What can I do in Ibarra?  What are the highlights?
You can experience the many local cultures nearby, try the unique food, relax in hot springs or do one of the many extreme sports in the valleys, mountains and rivers nearby.

How can I catch the tourist train?
Go to the train station right on the Avenida Mariano Acosta in Ibarra and buy a train ticket.  The train leaves on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays and costs (for return ticket) $7.60 and goes until the Valle de Salinas (45km).

How can I climb the Imbabura Mountain?
You can get a guide and equipment in Terra Esperanza Refugio or one of the many travel agencies in Ibarra.

How can I go to the nearby lakes and natural reserves?
You can take buses to the nearby towns where you can take another local transport to the entrance of the parks where you can usually find local guides that can guide you through the reserves.

Where can I find vegetarian food?
There is a vegetarian restaurant in the Atahualpa Avenue in the center of Ibarra.

Where can I find a supermarket to shop for groceries?
There are many Minimarks in the downtown where you can find local foods and vegetables.

Where can I find some hotels that are nice but not so expensive?
There are several small, inexpensive hotels on the Pedro Moncayo, Bolivar y Olmedo roads in the center of town.

Where can I find and buy local handicrafts?
Check out the Plaza Francisco Calderon on the Sucre and Pedro Moncayo blvds.  Tell the taxi to take you to the “Esquina del Aguila”.

Where and how can I change money or a $100 bill?

You must to go at Del Austro Bank, located on Colon and Olmedo Streets.


¿How to getting there?

Economic transportation to Airport

Traveling by bus is an economic way to arrive at the new airport of Quito. Below there are many options:

Inter-Parishes Buses:

From Río Coca  Station - Ecovía (North of Quito)

Cost: $ 0.68 USD


Departure time: Each six or eight minutes from Ecovia Station located on the  Río Coca Av. and Los Rosales Street. The trip takes 1 hour and half approximately, it´s depending of the traffic. The trip will take the double time during rush hours. Some buses have limited space for luggage.

Este servicio no es contínuo, su horario de atención es desde las 05h00 hasta aproximadamente las 21h00. 

Semi-express Bus

Since the Río Coca  Station - Ecovía (North of Quito) or the Terminal of Buses - Quitumbe (South of Quito)

Cost: $. 2 USD


The bus leaves each 10 or 14 minutes, it is depending of rush hours. These buses are part of an Inter-Parishes and Urban Companies, and they have less stops than inter -parishes buses. All the pasangers have a seat.

Since the Quitumbe Terminal there is a Company called  COSIBO, that has a group of  16 buses which have 11 specific stops.

Schedule: From 05h30 to 19h00

Express Buses


Location: Old Airport of Quito (North of Quito)

Cost: $. 8 USD per person.


You have another company which offers transports guests to and from the city of Quito and it's International airport, providing a first class service 24 hours a day.

They have 14 unites for 46 and 51 passengers, which leave regularly each 30 minutes and, during rush hours each 15 minutes, all year. The tickets you can buy online, in the old airport or in the station at Tababela airport.

More information in: www.aeroservicios.com.ec


Tourist Visa:
Good for 3 months (90 days) and is obtained automatically upon entrance into the country with a valid passport from the US, Japan, Australia, New Zealand or Europe.

Student Visa:
-Visa form
-Passport with at least 6 months before expiration
-Certificate of Admission
-Bank document showing balance of sufficient funds
(good for 6 months to 1 year) ($130)

Cultural Visa (for volunteers):
-Verbal note from home embassy
-Visa Form
-2 passport photos with white background
-passport and copy of passport
(good for various amounts of time)


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