Ibarra is a unique melting pot of 3 cultures all of which have rich culinary delights, the afro-ecuadorian, indigenous and mestizo, very rare to see all in one place in Latin America.

There are also 3 micro climates present nearby, in the city it is mild, cold in the nearby mountains and hot in the Chota Valley.

Packing List

-Clothing for a mild, temperate, Seattle-like climate (sweaters, light jackets)
-Bring personal medicines (because locally you will need a receipt to buy here)
-hiking shoes for hikes
-Tour guide book is recommended
-Sun block
-Bring sport equipment (or you can rent locally)
-ATM cirrus-network cards
-Hat and sunglasses
-Electronics (digital camera, laptop) (they are more expensive to buy here)
-ID documents (passport, visa, censo)



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