tren ruta1

Route that cross the Andean dry forest (Salinas Valley), inhabited by the Afro-Ecuadorian community of Imbabura. When our visitors take the train, traveling along 30 km, crossing sugar cane plantations; tunnels  carved in rock and bridges.

In Salinas station you can visit the Museo de la Sal (how they extracted the salt of the earth) and natural sites.

The train is available from Tuesday to weekends. It use to leave at 10h00 from Ibarra-train station, located next to the Obelisk. The cost is 20 USD (standard) and 25 USD (plus).

tren ruta
TOUR TIME: The tour takes 5 hours approximately. Every train has a guide, include a city tour by Salinas Parish and, visit at the Museum of Salt.


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